Friday, June 29, 2012

Dreaming with Butter

It’s funny how some days my news feeds resonate with my personal life, and this Tuesday there was a topic very close to home. It was an AdAge article on how butter is back and sales are on the rise. So after licking my chops at my imagined Homer Simpson air bubble of melted butter with roasted garlic topping a grass-fed steak; I realize that sociologically, we could be nearing a tipping point in consumerland. 
Not specifically about butter, but the trend of wanting the real thing and not some diluted version of it.  A number of brands in their hay day set their value proposition hat on the throne of ease and convenience, and of course times have changed. It’s not as unique a differentiator anymore and educated (even those under-educated) consumers aren’t willing to make concessions as they used to.  Anthony Bourdain commented on the hipster craze of making cheese, and although the cooler-than-thou attitude is laughable, the actions aren’t.  DIY continues to stretch across industries.
Besides food, another notable area where real is being manifested is the huge growth of urban cities over suburbs. Some economist think of this as a reactionary trend to the recession, but I the question how much the values of locality, sustainability and creativity play into this growth. 
Economists base their statements off history, but as marketers we should be envisioning the future with a wide peripheral scope of the present. So, the next time you’re cooking up a plan, make sure to ask yourself, “Did I put a pat of butter on that?”

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