Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You're Mahvelous!!

One of the things that I’ve noticed is the increased amount of BuzzFeed quizzes on my Facebook feed, and apparently so did Fast Company. So as I take a moment to look through my friends list to see if I’m connected to Drake Baer, I will say that our takes on the situation are a little different.

He talks about the fact that the organization has improved their quiz interface and that could be a contributing factor that the social sharers can’t get enough of finding about what career they should have chosen or which state they should live in.

I think it could be part of our human psyche. In this moment and time of self as content creation, could there be a desire for safer social comparison?

Last year the University of Michigan unveiled their study that sounds like the infamous Louis C.K./Conan interview. Everything is amazing and no one is happy. Well, especially when they are comparing themselves to others.  (warning: great listening, but low quality)

 But what happens to the effect of social comparison when it’s hey…you and your wife are Angelina and Brad… me and my gal are Ellen and Portia!! It’s a lot safer comparing yourself when it’s against celebrities. It also could be the ability for us to benchmark what we think of ourselves. After completing “What Kind of Dog Are You?”, I raised an eyebrow because while I consider myself smart, yet only slightly ‘high-maintenance’.  (My kind was a miniature standard poodle.)  Yet, when I got Washington state as where I should live in and Marketing as what my college major should have been I breathed a sigh of relief.  Cool state and cool major.

Yes, I’ve been affirmed!

Right now all brands should be taking notes from BuzzFeed and helping their customer see more than brand benefits.  Make it a particular point to ask yourself, “In what way are we affirming how awesome our consumers are?”

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